Come as no surprise, Debcamp and Debconf 18 were amazing! I worked on many things that I had not had enough time to accomplish before; also I had the opportunity to meet old friends and new people. Finally, I engaged in important discussions regarding the Debian project.

Based on my last blog post, follows what I did in Hsinchu during these days.

  • The Debconf 19 website has an initial version running \o/ I want to thank Valessio Brito and Arthur Del Esposte for helping me build this first version, and also thank tumblingweed for your explanation about how wafer works.

  • The Perl Team Rolling Sprint was really nice! Four people participated, and we were able to get a bunch of things done, you can see the full report here.

  • Arthur Del Esposte (my GSoC intern) made some improvements on his work, and also collected some feedbacks from others developers. I hope he will blog post these things soon. You can find his presentation about his GSoC project here; he is the first student in the video :)

  • I worked on some Ruby packages. I uploaded some new dependencies of Rails 5 to unstable (which Praveen et al. were already working on them). I hope we can make Rails 5 package available in experimental soon, and ship it in the next Debian stable release. I also discussed about Redmine package with Duck (Redmine’s co-maintainer) but did not manage to work on it.

Besides the technical part, this was my first time in Asia! I loved the architecture, despite the tight streets, the night markets the temples and so on. Some pictures that I took below:

And in order to provide a great experience for the Debian community next year in Curitiba - Brazil, we already started to prepare the ground for you :)

See you all next year in Curitiba!