Tomorrow I am going to another DebCamp and DebConf; this time at Hsinchu, Taiwan. Thanks to Debian project, I received a sponsor to attend the event, in this sense I plan to do the following contributions:

  • Bootstrap the DebConf 19 website. I volunteered myself to lead the DebConf 19 website things, and to do that I intend to get in touch with more experienced people from the DebConf team.

  • Participate part-time at the Perl team sprint. Despite I have not been so active in the team as I used to be, I’ll try to use the opportunity to help with packages update and some bug fixing.

  • Keep working with Arthur Del Esposte in our GSoC project, which aims to improving distro-tracker to better support Debian teams workflow. Also, prepare him to make an excellent presentation in the GSoC session. Hope see you there!

  • If I have enough time I want to work on some of my packages too, specially Redmine.

If anyone is interested in what I’ll do these days just reach me out! Could be in person, via IRC (my nickname: kanashiro) or just mail me (

I hope meet you soon in Hsinchu!