From August 6 to August 12 I attended the DebConf17, as always was an awesome conference. That was my first time in Canada, it is a nice place. The most famous typical food in Montreal is poutine, and I ate it a lot! This is not too much different from a portion of fries here in Brazil.

DebConf17 logo

From a Debian point of view the conference was very fruitful. I think that this was the DebConf that I watched more talks, the schedule was amazing. The DebConf just started with an incredible talk: “Delivering Software for Memory Driven Computing” by Keith Packard. This guy is a well known X Window System developer and brought many thoughts about the memory driven computing, I am not an expert in this area but it was very nice! I want to emphasize the Enrico’s talk titled “Consensually doing things together?”. He gracefully introduced us an important theme in the Debian context, people must not do things that they do not want to do, if it is important other people will show up and take care of it.

I really liked many talks, mostly the ones related to flatpak. In the future I intend to help on this stuff in Debian, I think it will solve many issues related with desktop applications.

During the DebConf I recorded a Papo Livre episode with Antonio Terceiro and Samuel Henrique. Papo livre is a Brazilian podcast that intends to discuss things about free software in portuguese. We talked about how we start to contribute with Debian, what we actually do in Debian, the DebConf’s experiences and how interested people can start their contributions. It was so funny! :-)

In short, It was a nice experience and I had great times during this DebConf. I am looking forward to the next DebConf in Taiwan, I expect to attend it. Also we are preparing the Brazilian BID to run for the DebConf19, I hope see you in Curitiba!

Brazilian group photo in DebConf17