After quite some time without publishing anything here, I decided to share the latest events. It is a hard time for most of us but with all this time at home, one can also do great things.

I would like to start with the wonderful idea the Debian Brasil community had! Why not create an online Debian related conference to keep people’s minds busy and also share knowledge? After brainstorming, we came up with our online conference called #FiqueEmCasaUseDebian (in English it would be #StayHomeUseDebian). It started on May 3rd and will last until May 30th (yes, one month)! Every weekday, we have one online talk at night and on every Saturday, a Debian packaging workshop. The feedback so far has been awesome and the Brazilian Debian community is reaching out to more people than usual at our regular conferences (as you might have imagined, Brazil is huge and it is hard to bring people at the same place). At the end of the month, we will have the first MiniDebConf online and I hope it will be as successful as our experience here in Brazil.

Another thing that deserves a highlight is the fact that I became an Ubuntu Core Developer this month; yay! After 9 months of working almost daily on the Ubuntu Server, I was able to get my upload rights to the Ubuntu archive. I was tired of asking for sponsorship, and probably my peers were tired of me too.

I could spend more time here complaining about the Brazilian government but I think it isn’t worth it. Let’s try to do something useful instead!